iTeachEducators PD 4

Kids are born mathematical!

In fact, babies as young as 6-moths old have been known to have the ability to discern numeracy. However, as educators we tend to question students’ math ability at early ages. But, even kindergartners have the ability to make sense of mathematics, problem solve, reason, and make connections (Wedekind, 2011).

As educators we need to be able to assess student understanding so that we can create authentic tasks that fosters teaching that promotes students’ organic understanding of math. Actually, I am a fan of Education Northwest’s Assessing Mathematical Understanding tool (available for Grades K and 1). The slideshow below will give you the opportunity to see how I have used the assessment in the past to assist teachers in collecting data to ensure that their teaching fosters the creation of Kindergarten Mathematicians.

Click here to access the Assessing Mathematical Understanding Document Folder.